Statement to the decision of the RvB-Kennelclub of the Netherlands concerning brachycephalic breeds

As in Austria there is more care about multiplying dogs but not about the breed standard, it is not to be awaited that there will be a statement or declaration of support. The International French Bulldog Association IFBA feels the need to do so:


The decision of the Raad van Beheer to not deliver pedigrees to dogs of various brachycephalic breeds, the French Bulldog included, if they comply with the current FCI-Standard No. 101, is not to be accepted. The RvB did a change of the Frenchie-standard  and even more, wants crossbreedings. The French Bulldog is a French Breed, so just France, represented by the CBF has the right to change or renew the FCI Standard No. 101. We completely share the position of the CBF. A very strong reaction of the FCI is desirable as well from all member Kennel-Clubs.