Welcome! Willkommen!

The International French Bulldog Association is an international online platform for French Bulldog Lovers worldwide. 

We decided to start with an International Studs - List to give all breeders the opportunity to search for a fitting male for their quality female. As we know it's not easy to find one, so we invite all stud dog owners to present their males here.

We also will give practicable informations around reproduction with frozen or chilled semen.

In future we plan to go further with a presentation of kennels , litters and shows.

And we will invite famouse breeders to talk about their experiances on different topics.

Have fun and enjoy!

The International Studs-List is opened for all males that are approved studs in their home country with FCI-Pedigrees! Every stud dog owner has the possibility to present his dog here, the studs are seperated in countries and in alphabetical order of the kennel name. Every stud dog can be uploaded in the country-section where he is standing.




  •  FCI Pedigree
  • approved as stud in his home country
  • 3 Fotos ( front-head-side is optional) in good quality
  • email address to get in contact or mobile phone number


What you get:
  •  Presentation of your dog in 3 pictures
  •  Pedigree to see  the 3 generations behind
  • Offspring presentation on request
  • presentation of his titles

For further informations don't hesitate to ask!

We are very excited About your dogs!